Temporary Exhibition

The past, the present, and the future. This is the close follow-up that Europe’s oldest weekly newspaper and the oldest sporting printed publication in Portugal has been doing, becoming a reference in the world of Sport Lisboa e Benfica and in the panorama of the national sport.

Marking 75 years of existence of the newspaper O Benfica, this exhibition gives the visitor the opportunity to catch a glimpse of its evolution over the past few decades. Page after page, it shows the outstanding news of our Club’s glorious history such as the remarkable triumph in two editions of the European Champions Clubs’ Cup. Supplements, special editions, feature articles, and works with graphics components. A journey back in time yet a modern vision within a life-span that assimilates the natural differences over the years.

A historical record of Sport Lisboa e Benfica, the weekly newspaper has a vital element: the photography, to capture the victories and emotions lived by several protagonists. A restricted selection of photos will be displayed for the visitor to see.

The newspaper O Benfica was also a pioneer when it comes to distinguishing names, and the Benfiquistas do Ano Awards later became the Cosme Damião Awards.

In the end of the exhibition, the visitor has the unique opportunity to be on the newspaper’s cover.

Exhibition areas

75th Anniversary

Celebrating 75 years of existence, we recall 75 covers that will accompany the display of objects and some “inside pages”. Forever linked are the newspaper, the Club, and all of those who made this dual history unique and legendary.

The first and the last

From the first Club’s newspaper, published in 1913 to the first number of the Sport Lisboa e Benfica, issued in 1942, and the main changes this newspaper suffered for 75 years.  

Transversal information

To please the readers, the newspaper O Benfica tried to expand its instruments of action such as the supplement Cultura e Desporto as well as the magazine O Benfica Ilustrado, and other commemorative special editions issued in specific dates.

Modern, and in constant evolution

How is the newspaper O Benfica made? From the edition plan to the distribution every Friday. In paper or in digital format, the process takes exactly seven steps which will be here explained in detail.

People of our newspaper

Editors-in-chief, editors, journalists, photographers, and other collaborators: the long-life range of our newspaper is only possible thanks to the contribution of these people. A newspaper for people. Made by PEOPLE.

Rewarding the merit 

In 1987, the newspaper O Benfica starts rewarding the merit and dedication to the Club, individually and collectively. Until 2002 a total of 164 awards were given. 

The other side in 75 seconds 

Embark on a quick journey to see how the newspaper O Benfica is printed every week. In early days, just like today, machines are performing magic…