We propose a family-game evening. Are you the king of charades? Well, prove it using our cards. But if you prefer to put your knowledge about Benfica to the test, then maybe our Time Chest board game is better for you. May the best gamer win!

Note: File contents only available in Portuguese.






1. Print the cards and cut them out with scissors.

2. Keep the cards face down to hide their contents.

3. A player chooses a card and acts out the charade, using only gestures (it’s not allowed to speak!). You can only pass to the next card when the other participants have guessed the previous one.

4. Each player will have one minute to act.

5. The one to collect more certain answers from other participants in that time, wins the game.

Time Chest board game


Question cards

Action cards

Part 1

Part 2





Necessary materials: scissors, tape, dice, pawns, paper sheets, and pencils.


1. Print the game board and assemble everything using the scissors and the tape. 

2. Print and cut out the question and the action cards. The two set of cards must remain face down to prevent everyone to see them. 

3. You will need a dice and some pawns, as many as the number of players (alternatively, you can use buttons, caps or other small objects).

4. One at a time, each participant throws the dice and depending on the number that comes out, advances through the houses with its pawn.

5. Each house has a question about the history of Benfica. Reaching a new house, the player chooses a question card and gives it to an opposing player, who reads it out loud. If the answer is correct, the player holds his position on the board and the game continues with another player having his turn. If the answer is incorrect, the player goes back one house.  

6. When the player stops in an action house, he must choose one of the corresponding cards and, within one minute, carry out the challenge indicated on the card. If the challenge is carried out successfully and in time, the game continues, that is, the player maintains his position on the board and gives the next player his turn. If he fails to accomplish the task, he goes back two houses on the board.

7. The penalty house is the last house on the board and is equivalent to three question cards. Whoever comes to this house and answers three questions correctly, read aloud by an opposing player, wins the game. But be careful: for each failed answer, the player must go back one house.

Tip: Some questions are related to the Museum. Access the virtual tour here before you start playing.