Lisbon and Benfica: two inseparable entities. Sport Lisboa e Benfica was born in Belém with the name Sport Lisboa, and after years of wandering through the city finally settled in Benfica. But since Benfica’s history wasn’t built by itself, the exhibition also evokes 20 other clubs from the city of Lisbon that united by the Lisbon Football Association’s competitions, assembled a common history. By the hand of Ricardo Galvão, caricaturist from the newspaper A BOLA, we recall picturesque episodes and with Lisbon’s cartography, we present their sporting grounds. The prevailing clubs in Lisbon show us a small part of their collections.

Two associated areas are undoubtedly connected to football: the Lisbon Football Association, merger, and regulator of all the football matters in Lisbon brings us its history and its present, and the newspaper A BOLA with its “drawings” collection tells us the story of

cartoons and caricatures of a newspaper that considers football with humour.


Ana Saraiva Rosa

Mafalda Esturrenho
Lídia Jorge

- Lisbon Football Association area
   António Nascimento (Lisbon Football Association)

- A BOLA Cartoons – Seriousness With Humour area
   Carlos Marques (newspaper A BOLA)